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About Us

Who runs The Best Little Storehouse on eBay?

We Do!  My wife and I are what you might call “free spirits”. We live in a small town in a small house along the Shiawassee River, in a rural farm area that was home to the first Michigan coal mine and not far from the where they excavated the first fully intact wooly mammoth which is now housed at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, MI!

Leland and Jenna Best

Together, we have always had an affinity to antiques, collectibles and other cool stuff, so we decided it was a good time to put some of that love to the test. From garage sales to flea markets to online auctions, I (Leland) have this attitude that 2nd Hand Stuff should get 2nd Chance!

By building this site we hope to bring a new adventure into our lives and the lives of others. This is a place for us to have fun, enjoy one of our biggest hobbies of collecting and re-purposing second hand stuff while at the same time maybe we can spark the imaginations of others to try some of the things we do ourselves along the way.

We like to sell those one-of-a kind, hard-to-find, vintage antiques, but lately we’ve changed it up and list some special odds-and-ends that you will not find everyday.

We SERVE our customers with a little bit of down-home rural flair, it’s who we are , and we always hope that some of what we are is expressed in the way we run Best Little Storehouse™ (formerly VintageBest).  I have been making fair deals with true and honest eBay postings on and off again since 2001.  This site is the crowning acheivement of not only us but all of our customers, and for that we…

Thank YOU!

Please enjoy your time on the site, to start window shopping, click on the menu item above labeled “What’s for Sale?”

Be sure to come back again sometime!

Leland and Jenna Best
The Best Little Storehouse on eBay